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Gary Hahn,PWS,MPA

(859) 321-2676

PO Box 23602

Lexington KY 40523


Contact me to promote your organization and business in the new ‘enviro-economy’ as we race against time to save the Planet! I will work with you in your mission statement to:

  1. conserve water

  2. promote energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction

  3. minimize waste and promote break-even recycling

  4. greater connect to your soils, waters, plants, animals and history 

  5. create a focus character that is positive and bleen!

  6. promote your brand via media and Social Media Platform

  7. enviro-ed via Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM)

Most of all, you will feel more connected w/your citizens  and fellow Sustain’eers with our Planet’s:

  1. Bullet soils

  2. Bullet waters

  3. Bullet animals

  4. Bullet mankind land use and history(local/state/nation)

  5. Bullet plants

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session w 5th grade classes in Arlington TX via partner with Nepris.org

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